Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer on the Patio

Welcome to my experiment in public diary... I thought this might help keep everyone up to date on the boys, and our little family in general. Admittedly, I stole the idea from a few other smart women I know!

This past week I purchased several play items from for the boys. It's been too hot to go to the park during the day and the mall play area is a big hassle to get to on a regular basis (not to mention $4.00 in tolls!), SO, I bought a swing/slide set, plastic car and rocking horse. These are joining the kiddy picnic table we already had. I also got a large slide/climbing apparatus, but it needs to be cleaned and re-assembled. Also, I need to get more foam flooring, just in case we have any tumbles!

So far, Casey looooves the new "playground". We've been going out on the patio twice a day to play and he has a blast! It's made for a much happier Casey which = a much happier mom. I think it's great because we don't have to go anywhere, it's shaded and we have fans! Plus, Jonathan loves to be outdoors too.

This week, Jonathan has discovered his feet! He's making it difficult to nurse because he really wants to be holding onto his feet the whole time - it makes for a very awkward situation. He's also started to really love the stationary jumper I recently got him (also a find!). Casey, apparently though, is reverting, as he has decided to reclaim the blue infant bouncer. haha!

Casey and JJ are interacting more and more lately, which is so fun to see. When Jonathan fusses, Casey will often run to see what's the matter. It's very sweet. Just as often, though, Casey is happy to climb over Jonathan to get where he wants to be :-)

Ok, enjoy the pictures!!!

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