Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Field Trip to the Mall - Take II

Well, we had such a successful mall trip yesterday that we decided to do it all over again this afternoon. As a result of the impending "non-hurricane" Jessi had the day off, so we called and invited her to join us.

We started at Sears where I picked up an extra baby pack (only $12.00!) then we headed to the food court for lunch. I had my stand-by teriyaki chicken, Jessi had the vegetarian delight (also from Sarku Japan) and Casey had chicken nuggets from Chik-Fil-A.

After eating I introduced Jessi to my favorite store in the mall (Dollar Tree) where she proceeded to shop for nearly an hour. Eesh, Jessi, it's a good thing for you they take credit! Haha.

I purchased a Mylar balloon for Casey to play with (which I promptly lost in the parking lot before we went home), an umbrella to shield us from the non-hurricane and a couple of sports bras. All for $3.21!!! (Jessi bought me the umbrella).

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