Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fantasy Draft Day

Today was draft day for Wesley's fantasy football league, so our day was centered around this event.

In the morning we took a family trip to Kohl's to spend the $10 coupon Erin so kindly gave me (thanks Erin!). I got a cute orange striped top and Casey ran around the store like a mad man. After Kohl's, we went over to Nick and Erin's. The husbands left for their draft party and Erin & I fed the boys lunch.

After lunch I took the boys home for much needed naps and then we headed to Christie and Kevin's to meet up with Erin & Merrick. The kids all played while the moms chatted. Later the husbands returned and we ordered pizza. We all munched on pizza and reese's (mmmm...) and the kids had pizza and cereal straws. Around 830 we headed home with two very tired boys.

The pictures today are from this morning of JJ with sunglasses and Casey's faux hawk or shark fin (well, at least my attempt at one!) . Also, lots of pics from Christie and Kevin's!

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