Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daddy's Day Off!

Guess what Wesley wanted to do on his day off? Go to the mall!!!! I kid you not.

After JJ and Casey's naps (check out JJ sleeping in his cool big boy duds) we went to the Oviedo Marketplace for lunch and walking around. Also, I shopped for the prizes to give out at Dani's baby shower. The Marketplace is not holding up well to all this wind and rain; there were lots and lots of puddles where the atrium style roof is leaking.

The boys are getting SOOO big. Casey looks more and more like a kid than a toddler, and it seems like this past week Jonathan really "gets it". He's interacting with us and his environment constantly - it's so neat to watch and a little sad too that it's happening so fast.

I have posted a picture of Casey in the same outfit JJ is wearing today. Casey was a couple months older at the time, though.

At the bottom are a couple videos of Casey on one of the automated rides at the mall. It's a little boring because he's very into pushing the submarine buttons, but it's still cute. And there's a good shot of Jonathan sleeping at the end of one.

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