Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Sally & Enrique Get Married Story - Installation III, Bachelorette Party

♥For Installation I: The Engagement, click here!♥

♥For Installation II: The Bridal Shower, click here!♥

After the bridal shower everyone skeedaddled to South Beach for Sally's bachelorette party. We are in the habit of surprise themed bachelorette parties.* For Sally we fashioned a prison jumpsuit out of bright orange scrubs and all the guests wore 'police' t-shirts.
Sally's Bachelorette Party
Sally was understandably nervous about her theme, since we told her all she needed was underwear and comfortable shoes.
Sally's Bachelorette Party
Eden Fantasys generously provided the party favors and a gift for the bride & groom. If you'd like a chance to win what we got, click here!
When everyone was dressed and ready, we walked down the street to The Palace for dinner and a show. And oh boy, what a show!
Sally's Bachelorette Party
Sally loves her drag queens.
Apparently so does Danielle.
This gal was spectacular. I'm pretty sure she was a Rockette in a former life.
Sally's Bachelorette Party
The food was good, the drinks were great, and the show was spectacular.
Sally's Bachelorette Party
Afterward we hit the dance floor for a while.
Sally's Bachelorette Party
Then we said goodnight to our pretty little linebacker.
Sally's Bachelorette Party
And headed to the hotel for a brief respite.
Sally's Bachelorette Party
Okay, not much of a break. Sorry neighbors!
Sally's Bachelorette Party
We stayed at the Cardozo Hotel. It was really beautiful and they were incredibly tolerant of our shenanigans.
After refueling, we headed to the clubs where Sally proceeded to schmooze everyone in site for free drinks.
We had an impromptu limbo contest.
And pretended we knew how to dance.
Sally's Bachelorette Party
The night went on and on, but suffice to say, it was never dull.


* For my bachelorette party, all the attendees showed up wearing shirts with pictures of guys I used to date and silly blurbs like "The High School Sweetheart" and "The Hot One". For Jessica's bachelorette party we all showed up in hideous bridesmaids dresses and made her wear a fake wedding gown.


Meredith Bauerkemper said...

That's hilarious! Looks like a good time!

Kayla Sue said...

Now THAT looks like a good time:) Way too fun!

Jennifer said...

What a cute theme! It looked like everyone had a blast! Don't you wish everyday could be that level of fun?

anymommy said...

Um, you all are way too much fun. I want to come to the next thing you plan.

Jimi-James Pavlov said...

What's with the little red microphones? Did you guys do a little Karaoke?

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